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Special Promo!

10% off for all orders with two or more pieces automatically at checkout (excludes shipping).


Available in four different types to choose from.

Beanie cap will be included with every order for types A,B, and C. 

Please check out the first pic to see all types or select any type and the gallery will show only the selected type.


Fitting & Sizes

Made to fit with either your Mezco, Black Series, or Marvel Legends 1/12th scale figure. 

Fitting on other figures may require additional modding and may or may not be a 100% fit.

Figure(s) shown are not included.


Pre-order Information: 

As with all our projects, we produce only one batch in very limited quantities. This allows us to move on to work on new projects every month and keep things fresh.

Pre-order Closing Date: 12th August

Estimated to ship out within: October - November 2023

This is a pre-order item, which means we'll need time to produce the batch.


We thank you for your support and patience!




  • Currency:

    The price shown is in Thai Baht and is around 49 USD.

    Please proceed to the paypal checkout page to find out the exact converted price.

    Shipping Rates:

    1. US: 10 USD
    2. Rest of the world - 7 USD
      (please check available countries on the checkout page)
  • Returns are not accepted. If you are dissatisfied with the item received due to quality or shipping issues, feel free to inbox our email us at and we'll be happy to sort it out with you.

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