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Project Details:

The Comedian is out to spoil some jokes. Very limited lot of 10 due to the time it takes to make each individual piece.100% crafted in Thailand from yours truly Oldboy and this time in collaboration with Korakij, a talented one twelve scale tailor. Hand & micro detailed stitching along with material selection using the thinnest and finest cloth offers a realistic look to match the scale in different poses. Also comes with three distinguished and highly realistic head sculpts for you all to enjoy the collectible in various actions and expressions.


What's Included:

  • Figure Body 
  • Interchangeable Hands (Gloved) - hands in the pics are from a different figure (SHF Obi-Wan & Figma Goro) and are not included
  • Total of 3 Heads - Normal Ver, With Make-up Ver., Surprise Ver. 
  • Soft Goods
    • Jacket
    • Detail Printed Inner Shirt
    • Orange Vest with Black Back
    • Slack Pants



Pre-order Information: 

As with all our projects, we produce only one batch in very limited quantities. This allows us to move on to work on new projects every month and keep things fresh.

Estimated Shipping: Jan-Feb 2020


This is a pre-order item, which means we'll need time to produce the batch. We thank you for your support and patience!

[Oldboy X Korakij] The Comedian (Full Kit)

SKU: Comedian-Full-Kit


  • Returns are not accepted. If you are dissatisfied with the item received due to quality or shipping issues, feel free to inbox our Facebook page and we'll be happy to sort it out with you.

    This is a special project made in collaboration with IG: korakij_ch, which go through a highly detailed QC process in order to ensure the highest level of quality possible to you guys. We will be posting a video of the QC process for you guys to see all 10 units checked for soft goods defects, head sculpt detailing, and figure articulation before it is finally packaged.

    With this in mind, we will not accept any refunds or returns for any damages after this is shipped and received. This is NOT A TOY and we highly advise everyone to handle and pose the figures with extra care as to not overextend the posing which may cause stress and damage the soft goods.

  • All our prices include 100% free shipping worldwide.
    There are no additional shipping charges and tracking numbers will be notifiied via email after the items have been shipped.

    Do note that the shipping charges do not cover customs related import fees and tax. 

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