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Meticulously sculpted and fully painted 1/12 scale sculpt with custom sized neck fitting to fit your favorite action figures. One twelve scale head sculpts with the highest paint application quality. Our heads go fully painted as shown in the promo pictures. These customized head sculpts will definitely lift the look of your action figures and collection to new heights. Get the most out of your figures today and take upgrade your toy photography!


Pre-order Information: 

As with all our projects, we produce only single batch for every head sculpt. This allows us to move on to work on new projects every month and keep things fresh.

Pre-order Deadline: 14th September


This is a pre-order item, which means we'll need time to produce the batch.

Estimated Shipping: 18th-25th October

Master High Ground



    • Neck hole will only fit BS or SHF body as shown in pics.
    • Fitting on other figs may not be proportionate or would require further modifications
    • Figure(s) shown are not included.